We decided to go for a late breakfast and went home yesterday and felt I had to tell everyone what happened. We went to the Costa Blanca and rented a house in La Marina. It was beautiful and had everything you might need a pool, a jacuzzi and a large sauna. The first 2 days we spent on the balcony or on the beach and there were pornwall others who actually lived in La Marina chatted. We talked about a nudist only along the coast of the city and said it was very popular with locals and tourists alike. We returned to the home shortly after noon and I wondered what it would be for nude sunbathing. The balcony was quiet and no one could see, so Jim suggested that I should try. We put towels on chairs and took off. I must admit that I enjoyed the freedom it gave, and there was a slight breeze blowing on my body. That night we decided to take a look at the beach this morning. The morning came, and 11 00, when he began to warm upso we went to investigate. As we approached, we saw some people in their towels or soaking up the sun and the beach as I went must have been a dozen. Although he was naked in front all day, I was not very happy to do before pornwall all these people, Jim took my hand and we went up and over the dunes until we have a pretty quiet little. They have stolen the towels to lie, y. For the next hour or so at least 10 people had been approved, others were greeted by the way. Then he left, I had the opportunity to compare their masculinity. A couple decided to walk to us and talk to us. They were standing on the feet, and rises upon us as they are pornwall set. Both were good and our golden age. He was handsome and had a good figure. I was glancing nervously at the waist, but I saw him looking at me from top to bottom. I did not move, feel, when I thought I would, but has a pointbetween my legs. They asked where we lived, and found they were not more than a few doors away. I was always comfortable with them and, finally, my eyes went beyond his waist and was pleasantly surprised. He had a little smile on my face, my eyes than yours. Is this your first time, he said. To which he replied yes. His wife asked him if he would come along one of the naked parts of the night at home. I saw Jim and said why not. We got the address and time and his final comment was to use something pornwall that's easy. We packed an hour and go home. pornwall He put the clothes down to the beach, at the end when Jim had put his shorts and I'm in the bottom of my bikini. I felt good the whole thing now naked and wanted to throw a party, where everyone is naked, and you are all chatting experience. I had a shower and began to prepare for the party. Jim pulled out a pair of pants and a shirt, and put athin coat dress with a jacket, and it was fine. We got home and rang the bell. Our host pornwall opened the door and invited us completely anked in. He pointed to the plug into the wall you could put on clothes, and led us through the huge living room, where there must be at least 40 people. pornwall I feel a little embarrassed at this point, it was different to that of the sun. He gave us drinks and the company took us to ourselves. The drinks were flowing and embarrassment soon disappeared when I relaxed. Jim was talking to a couple next to the window and asked the bar to fill my glass. Before I had the opportunity, had to walk again Jim, two guys started talking to me typical of chat- up lines that was unknowingly answer. One of the guys asked if I had confirmed a sauna in our house we had. He took my hand and said he must come and take a look at this is great. It went through pornwall a long corridor with doorsthat was the end of the era of the sauna. He opened the door and led me in. The sauna was even bigger than we had and just behind the door shut. In this case, try this hot toddy said my new friend, as he poured a large glass. We sat on wooden benches chatting and pushes the plunger to help with the heat. Another drink, followed by another glass and I was very drunk now. The man said, why do not you go on the top shelf and lies down. At the time I thought it was a good idea. When I lay down, lay down beside me, I decided, I said it was a huge sauna. My eyes closed and I was completely adrift. One hand rested on my stomach, and was carefully pornwall made ??his way up to my breasts, where massage experts, I relaxed even more. Then he went and fell on my legs where very gently back legs apart. It felt good. Then I felt his fingers dip me. I was beginning to purr when I opened my legs, also mmineral. I felt like I was climbing on me, but totally helpless, not something to prevent any penetration. It was slow and precise, and I had to change with it. 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